Lions Clubs form Districts. Each District is headed by a Governor. Each Club is independent in their decisions and activities but must obey the statute, bylaws and Code of Ethics.

In District 21 Poland of the International Association of Lions Clubs there are 58 Clubs. In the term 2020/2021 the Governor is Marian Sieńkowski. 

All the Lions Clubs worldwide are associated in The International Association of Lions Clubs which currently consists of 46 000 Clubs, organized in
754 Districts in 207 countries with 1 410 000 members. In the term 2018/2019 the head of the Association is the International President who is Gudrun Yngvadottir (Island).

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LC Barlinek  (mk) LC Kraków Stańczyk  (mk) LC Poznań Polonia  (k)
LC Bydgoszcz  (mk) LC Kraków Stare Miasto  (m) LC Poznań Polska  (mk)
LC Cieplice  (mk) LC Kraków Śródmieście  (m) LC Poznań Pro Futuro  (k)
LC Duszniki Zdrój  (mk) LC Krapkowice  (mk) LC Poznań Rotunda  (m)
LC Elbląg  (m) LC Krotoszyn  (m) LC Rzeszów  (mk)
LC Elbląg Truso  (k) LC Legnica Silesia  (m) LC Sopot  (m)
LC Gdańsk-1  (m) LC Leszno 2000  (k) LC Szczecin Jantar  (k)
LC Gdańsk Amber  (k) LC Lidzbark Warmiński Krasicki  (mk) LC Szczecin Magnolia  (m)
LC Gdańsk Gedania  (m) LC Łódź  (m) LC Szczecin Rainbow Bridge  (mk)
LC Gdańsk Neptun  (m) LC Olsztyn  (m) LC Szczecinek  (m)
LC Gdynia  (m) LC Opole  (mk) LC Warszawa  (m)
LC Gliwice Stc.Barbara  (mk) LC Police  (mk) LC Warszawa Arka  (k)
LC Gryfino Wodnik  (mk) LC Poznań 1990  (m) LC Warszawa Centrum  (mk)
LC Jarocin  (m) LC Poznań Cogito  (mk) LC Warszawa Gentium  (mk)
LC Kalisz Calisia  (mk) LC Poznań Concordia  (m) LC Warszawa Nike  (k)
LC Katowice Barbórka  (k) LC Poznań New Design  (k) LC Wrocław L&L  (k)
LC Koszalin  (m) LC Poznań Novus Mixed  (mk) LC Wrocław m2m  (m)
LC Kościerzyna  (m) LC Poznań Patria  (k) LC Wrocław Wratislavia  (k)
LC Kraków Bona Sforza  (k) LC Poznań Pillory  (m) LC Wysoka  (mk)

(m) – male members only
(f) – female members only
(mf) – both female and male members


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