The International Association of Lions Clubs is the biggest international humanitarian non government organization. It was started it 2917 in the USA; it Has been present in Poland since 1989, affiliated at the United Nations Organization.

Lions Clubs 
All over the world people who are sensitive to other people’s needs associated In Lions Clubs aimed at helping those In Reed and supporting local institutions and social organizations n kind, financially, and organizationally. Every Lions Club is an independent entity to chose beneficiaries and specify ways to act.
The Clubs are not allowed to express their opinion in terms of outlook, politics, and religion. Each Club is an association acting in accordance with a Statute, is registered at the National Registration Court and is obliged to report their activities and financial settlements based on the current law.

Lions Clubs Members 
Lions Clubs Members can be adults of various social and material status, regardless of their race and nationality, representatives of various professions and different outlooks. What they share a willingness to participate in social activities, sensitivity to injustice and acceptance to work as a team using the skills and potential of all members.

Our motto:    We Serve
Our mission:   Creating and fostering, among all the people, the spirit of understanding humanitarian needs through voluntary work, social involvement and international cooperation.
WE SERVE since 1917
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